Coloring Book Anti Stressed Hers


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Rp 160.000

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  • Description:
    • Beautiful Designs with Calming Effects!
    • Used with Colored Pencils to Make Beautiful Scenes!
    • Dozens of Pages (96 Pages) of Pure Fun and Relaxation!
    • Guaranteed relaxation with these complex Zen and anti-stress Coloring pages for adults.
    • Inspired by nature or completely surreal, these drawings differ from mandalas because they are not concentrated on a single point.
    • It is often repeated patterns, coloring style known for its soothing properties.
    • Search the overall harmony of your coloring rather than focusing on each element individually.
  • Purchase Limit: Limited stocks only
  • Product Dimension: 8(L) x 4(W) x 10(H) cm 
  • Weight: 0.39kg
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